Cycling is a fun activity when done safely. When not done safely, a cyclist can be a danger to him or herself and to others. These comments are intended to help keep you safe and to help you better understand your obligations as a cyclist.

Highway Traffic Act

Bicycles are vehicles under the HTA – virtually all rules under the HTA that apply to motor vehicles also apply to bicycles.

  1. Obey all HTA traffic rules, including stopping at traffic signs, traffic lights and right of way conventions and rules

  2. Beyond legal considerations, prudence and common sense should always prevail. A cyclist will never win a dispute with a motor vehicle regardlesss of who is right?

  3. as slower moving vehicles, cyclists must move as far to the right as the safely can to facilitate the space to allow a faster vehicle to pass safely. (sec. 147(6))

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Club Specific Rules

Helmets are mandatory! You will not be allowed to participate in a Club ride unless you are wearing a bicycle helmet.

2 Treat other road users with courtesy. When you are on a Club ride, you represent the public face of the Oshawa Cycling Club. Even when you are not on a Club ride, it is our belief that you are an ambassador for all other cyclists and should conduct yourself accordingly.

3 Guests and potential new members must sign a waiver before joining a Club ride.

4 E-bicycles - See our policy below

5 When riding in a group, you are obliged to
obey the Ride Leader. For other rules related to group rides, refer to the group rider protocol below

Group Riding Protocols

  1. Ride Leaders are not necessarily the best or fastest riders in the group, nor do they necessarily lead from the front of the group.

  2. Ride Leaders should come equipped with cell phone, extra waivers forms, incident reporting forms and a writing instrument

  3. Ride groups should generally consist of 6 to 12 riders but never more than 18. The larger the group, the more likely that it will become strung out and separated, and far more difficult for motor vehicles to pass safely

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E-bike Policy

Pedal assisted e-bikes are becoming more and more commonplace on roads and trails these days and the OCC has brought forth a new policy to deal with their use in Club rides. We are doing so to allow those who enjoy cycling to participate in group events, allow family members who are not as strong to keep up with other family members and allow riders coming back from injury nor dealing with disabilities to enjoy group riding.

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A Few Additional Tips!

1 Share the road – be aware of other users as they have a right to be there too.

2 Maximize your visibility – wear reflective/bright/multi-coloured clothing; for riding at dusk or night, your bike should have front and rear reflectors and flashing lights, the brighter the better.

3 Ride with at least one other cyclist. If riding alone, inform an emergency contact of your route and times in case of trouble.

4 Carry a cell phone for use in an emergency.

5 Carry emergency contact information – contact person and phone number; OHIP number or OHIP card; other identification information such as your Oshawa Cycling Club membership card.

6 Choose a group that fits your abilities. Attempting to ride with groups above your ability level will prove frustrating to both you and the other cyclists in the group.